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Mark Nelson

Professor, General Practice, University of Tasmania

"As GPs we have an ongoing duty of care not only for our patients' epilepsy but also the limitations and outcomes that this places on their civic and social lives. I commend this resource to my fellow GPs."

Carol Ireland

CEO, Epilepsy Action Australia

"GPs are frontline in healthcare in the community and, as they say, our “specialists in life”. It is critical that they have a good foundation for managing epilepsy and seizures in order to assist our clients to live optimal lives. The eGP website is a great resource to support them with this."

Glenys Coates

Mother who lost her son to SUDEP

"Because GPs are involved in early diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, it is vital that they understand the risk of SUDEP and make sure that the patient understands that reducing the incidence of seizures could reduce the risk of sudden death."

Doris Young

Professor of General Practice, Melbourne Medical School, The University of Melbourne

"Most comprehensive and useful information on epilepsy for GPs that I have seen, I encourage all GPs and their practice nurses to view this website so that we can improve the care for people with  epilepsy, time for action!"

Professor, General Practice, University College, Cork, Ireland

"Keep up the good work. This is a most welcome resource in a condition where information is power."

Dr Robert Peterson

Rural GP, Australia

"This web page is tailored to the needs of a GP. As epilepsy management rapidly develops I appreciate access to reliable information that assists me to support my patients, as we aim for good seizure control and general wellbeing."

Chief Executive, SUDEP Action, UK

"It is more important than ever that GPs have access to such a great resource on epilepsy.  SUDEP Action exists to prevent SUDEP and other epilepsy-related deaths. Primary care is the front-line in identifying and stepping up care for people at risk."

Pauline Brockett

Health Librarian

"It is vitally important that General Practitioners have an informed understanding of epilepsy and its contemporary treatment, as well as an empathetic appreciation of  the impact it has upon the lives of those living with the condition. The Epilepsy in General Practice website will make a great contribution to achieving this goal."

Maree Kearton

Maree has lived with epilepsy

"I had refractory epilepsy from childhood and saw a few neurologists over the years, but I am still extremely grateful today for my GP playing a vital role and referring me on to an epilepsy specialist.  It was then that I was able to undergo epilepsy surgery and get control of my seizures." 

Tamzin Jeffs

Executive Drector, SUDEP Aware, Canada

"To help reduce death in epilepsy, SUDEP Aware encourages discussion between healthcare providers and their patients.This eessential, reliable resource provides GPs with instant access to vital information for sharing with patients who need to be fully informed when making lifestyle decisions that can help lower their risk."

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