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'Early and accurate diagnosis is essential'



Most Australian epilepsy clinics are located in city centres. However, some epilepsy specialists do travel to regional centres. Referral contacts are listed below. For additional information about epilepsy services and support, contact Epilepsy Australia or local state epilepsy support services.


Epilepsy Action Australia


South Australia / Northern Territory




Western Australia

New South Wales

Many of the specialist medical centres offer a First Seizure Clinic, or fast track service for first seizure patients.


Telehealth consultations are also available in some areas supported by Medicare.


Rural patients express great satisfaction with Telehealth (page 4)

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Australian Pregnancy Register for Women on Antiepileptic Medication

  A voluntary study open to women throughout Australia

FAX (03) 9342 2577 TEL 1800 069 722

Download a Fax Referral Sheet for the Pregnancy Register. 

Australian Epilepsy Clinics 



New South Wales


The Sydney Children's Hospital Network



Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (services inclurde a clinic for pregnant women with epilepsy)

First seizure clinic established

Mater adult outpatients

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital


South Australia and NT



Tamanian Health Organisation South - Hobart



The Alfred - referral guidelines

The Alfred - First Seizure Clinic


Austin Health - Comprehesive Epilepsy Program 

Austin Health - key Austin telephone numbers


Eastern Health - Box Hill


Monash Children's Hospital


Northern Health


Royal Children's Hospital - About Epilepsy

Royal Children's Hopital - Make a referral


Royal Melbourne Hospital - Epilepsy Program

Royal Melbourne Hospital - GP Access


St Vincent's Hospital - Neurology

St Vincent's Hospital - Neuroscience


Western Health, Footscray


Western Australia

Royal Perth Hospital

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Perth Neurology & Epilepsy




This list is a work in progress. Please email additional information to



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